Elegant Shirts for Men

Make your look unique and refined with the elegant shirts for men by 7camicie: hundreds of models made with fine tissues and making great attention to the details, for the man who loves shining in the most special and formal occasions.

Elegant men’s shirts

The choice capacity is even more tangible when it comes to one of the most popular categories, the elegant shirts for men. Starting from the shirts for tuxedos, which 7camicie called Milano model, in honour of the gala nights at the Teatro della Scala of the namesake city, to the shirts with French collar, to be worn with a tie, and to the shirts with Italian collar, to be worn with a tie too, but often used without this male accessory, in not too formal outfits.

Elegant Shirts

The selection of elegant shirts by 7camicie interprets at its best this need and proposes a wide choice of garments that meet every type of requirements. Whether for ceremonies or for the dynamic day of the business man, you will find shirts in shiny satin or in a cool and breathable Oxford cotton, made in the traditional models with the ability to know how to combine at the best the tissue and its characteristics in a model rather than in another for an impeccable result, which will give your look a touch of important class.

Elegant Shirts

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