Slim fit jeans for men

Comfortable and resistant the denim trousers of the 7camicie collection fit the body of the man who is careful to express his personality through a perfect care of his image. A pair of slim fit trousers are ideal to highlight the legs and are perfect if combined with a shirt or a short-sleeved t-shirt. With the right combination, every man has the opportunity to highlight his shapes and personality: the slim fit jeans are a garment with a sporty style, that does not renounce to a modern and youthful look. Ideal if worn with a pair of sneakers or shoes with a more classic style, these jeans accompany the life of the man in every occasion and moment of life.

Tight jeans for men

The slim fit of the trousers in denim is often associated with a more classic and elegant clothing. Adhering to the leg, the jeans adapts to the body, reaching the right degree of comfort and enhancing the best side of the man who is looking for a stylish look. Perfect if combined with a t-shirt or a chequered shirt, these jeans can be easily matched with a jacket, sweaters or anoraks for an original look to be shown off in the free time or in the work environment. Durable and resistant, they were initially used as a garment prince of the American working class, becoming with the passing of time a symbol of casual clothing designed to last forever. Essential in the wardrobe of a man, the tight jeans are a passe-partout for all the occasions.

Men's bermuda shorts

Worn for the first time by the military of the British Army stationed in the Bermuda Atlantic archipelago, these trousers are today one of the most worn garments during the summer season. Comfortable and with a fresh and light tissue, the bermuda shorts in cotton of the 7camicie collection guarantee ease of washing and drying. Often in summer wearing shorts is the only way to face the heat. However, there are some situations in which the dress code prohibits their use: considered inappropriate for the workplace, they are banned from ceremonies and formal occasions. Since the have become today a must have in the summer wardrobe of the contemporary man, bermuda shorts are often worn on the runways of high fashion, a clear sign that the style and the tendency of this garment are changing.

Bermuda shorts men:

With a solid colour, sky blue, blue or beige, the bermuda shorts are an ideal casual garment for the free time, for the sport and for the entertainment. Perfect with a pair of moccasins and a long-sleeved shirt: the shirt, in different patterns, can be worn unbuttoned on a t-shirt, short-sleeved or with the sleeves rolled up or be combined with a sporty jacket. Choosing a solid colour shirt and bermuda shorts of the appropriate length is the first step for a stylish and successful outfit. Also worn with a pair of sneakers, strictly with invisible socks, bermuda shorts can be used both during the day and the night, for a day outdoors or in the company of friends.

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