7camicie invites you to discover the exclusive collection of online scarves for men designed especially for you: a unique style accessory, perfect to face the low winter temperatures.

Scarves for Men

On 7camicie you will also find the exclusive line of scarves with a winning characteristics: the double-face. An important opportunity for all the customers that can show off a garment with high level quality and technical specifications that is really functional. The 7camicie double-faced scarves, in fact, boast really trendy contrasting combinations of colours, to be changed depending on the look chosen, the occasion or simply on the mood. No accessories like a scarf for men, let you dare and experiment constantly new creative discoveries to make particular your look and to add a touch of class or of liveliness in everyday life. You can have fun playing with contrasts and overlapping: the scarves for men can be worn loose, lying around the neck or with single or double turn for a casual style, perfect for the free time or for more demanding dress codes. What are you waiting for? Complete your outfit with a perfect accessory that will go with you during the entire winter season: choose the 7camicie scarves.


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