Tuxedo Shirts for Men
7camicie invites you to discover the exclusive selection of tuxedo shirts: an essential and classy garment, that gives elegance and timeless charm to the man who wears it. The tuxedo shirts, characterized by the typical wing-collar cut, is the most used model in the important occasions and in the ceremonies to be strictly worn with a dark jacket and a pair of trousers or with a suit, and in combination with ties, necktie and bow ties. Made of pure cotton or of satin tissue, the wing collar shirts are a classic and refined must-have in the wardrobe of the man who wants to be the protagonist of style in the most formal occasions. The classic look imposes the choice of the white tuxedo shirt, an evergreen colour that always keeps its charm and can be combined with all the colours of dinner suits for men, both with dark jackets and with light shades such as beige and grey. If to look really elegant it is necessary to know how to mix many small elements, the diplomatic collar shirt is a great starting point that will surely put every man in the condition to excel, guaranteeing the maximum comfort and refinement during all the seasons of the year. What are you waiting for? Let's discover the dinner suits shirts available online and make unique your most special occasions.

Tuxedo Shirts

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