Men's formal shirts

Man can count on must-have of elegance that can allow him to appear always distinct and never out of place. Here are some simple rules to follow for a classic and perfect look: Wear a grey or dark blue suit, match elegant shoe and black belt, put on a light shirt. The colour of the formal shirt is white but also light blue or pearl grey can be used in clear colours. If you want to be very stylish you can wear a pair of cufflinks and a light blue tie. Avoid the white tie on a white shirt, highlighting the contrast between the two and choose a classic knot or a Windsor one, that will cover the last knot of your shirt.

Formal shirts

Let yourself be seduced by the eternal charm of these garments, the formal shirts of the 7camicie collection adapt to every physicality, giving an elegant and refined look that can enhance the body of every man. A perfect blend of elegance and sobriety, these formal shirts guarantee a refined style that never goes out of fashion. The high quality of the fabrics, the simplicity and the fit, give the modern man a sober and relaxed look. As garments with simple characteristics, coming from the best tailoring tradition, the formal shirts of the 7camicie collection combine sophistication and refined care of details: these garments are what you need to make your outfit look nice and refined.

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